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Masters of the Forge - Episode 009

In this episode, we bring you the lore on the Wolf Brothers, the only known 2nd Founding Chapter descended from the Space Wolves. We also bring you some special rules for running them as loyalists or renegades (or something in between). We also have a short Campaign Talk segment to share along with our weeks. Enjoy!

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Masters of the Forge - Episode 008

While the topical segment of this episode does feature Star Eagles-related content, with some nemeses created by all three hosts, it should prove interesting. Also, Episode 8 features our first Campaign Talk segment with special guest, Inquisitor Steve.

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Masters of the Forge - Episode 007

"Justice without force is powerless.  Force without justice is tyranny." - Blaise Pascal

This episode is all about a Space Marines Chapter created by Adam called the Star Eagles. We also discuss some tips on what to do when developing your own army fluff; for space marines in particular.  Also, of course, we discuss our weeks in the hobby.

Codex: Star Eagles (Draft Final)

I forgot to mention that the great Episode 66 of the Independent Characters was another inspiration for this army.


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Masters of the Forge - Episode 006

In this episode, we start a new series focusing on the many ways you can use Astra Militarum to create counts-as armies.  We kick the series off by discussing counts-as with Inquisitor Steve from the Overlords, then move on to talk about how to represent Gue'vesa on the tabletop.

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Masters of the Forge - Episode 005

Another fine episode of Masters of the Forge advances implacably across the wind-swept, arctic desolation of the world of 40k podcasting! This week's episode brings us back to our "Bring a 40k Novel to Life on the Tabletop" format with "Fall of Damnos" by Nick Kyme.  We are all duly impressed with the human freedom fighters on Damnos as well as the surprising level of depth written into the character of the Necrons. As usual, the hosts discuss their weeks and the recent happenings in the 40k community. Thanks for joining us!

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Masters of the Forge - Episode 004

We're back in the virtual studio to bring you more 40k lore and rules! In a dark future where every resource is precious, the ability to use a small force to cause massive havoc is a valuable tool. This episode details the invisible threats of the 40k universe featuring the Enslavers, Ork Kommandos, and Cultist Infiltrators.

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Masters of the Forge - Episode 003

We're chugging along with real momentum into Episode 3.  We start off the show talking briefly about our excitement for the upcoming edition change, then roll right into discussing our recent hobby progress and the games we've been playing. After talking briefly about our upcoming hobby plans, we roll right into our coverage of the history of the Crimson Sabres and our take on the Chapter as it may exist in the Imperium today apart from their Chaos contemporaries, the Crimson Slaughter.

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Masters of the Forge - Episode 002 - Death of Antagonis Part 2

Thanks for joining us for the second episode of the Masters of the Forge.  In this episode, the gang's all together now with Kamil joining the team.  We talk about our hobby and Adam talks about his Adepticon experiences.  We discuss the remainder of Death of Andagonis for the bulk of the episode and have a great interview with author David Annandale.

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Masters of the Forge - Episode 001 - Death of Antagonis Part 1

Hosts for Episode 1:  Snorre and Adam

This is the innaugural episode of the Masters of the Forge podcast.  In this episode, we introduce ourselves and discuss Death of Antagonis by David Annandale. In this episode, we also go over many of the characters and also the first two scenarios of our Death of Antagonis supplement which are both Game-Mastered.

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