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Masters of the Forge - Episode 016

From the dominion of the Old Ones to the reign of mankind, the story of space travel in the setting of 40k is also the story of the cultures of the Galaxy themselves.  In this episode, we explore how the myriad species in the Galaxy convey themselves across the black emptiness of space.  We also provide a couple of Warhammer 40,000 missions which you can use to link your narrative to space travel.

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Episode 16 - Space Travel in the 41st Millennium


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Masters of the Forge - Episode 015

Human loyalty is a fickle thing which is easily swayed for a multitude of reasons.  In this episode, we explore the Traitor Guard phenomenon and how to reflect these forces on the tabletop.

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The Officio Assassinorum penetrates into areas where other forces of the Imperium cannot or will not.  They are the silent stalkers who execute Heretic, Xenos, and Traitor alike with nary a drop of righteous blood spilled.  Join us as we delve into the mysterious world of the Officio Assassinorum with discussions on the background of these characters as well as ways to narratively include them in your armies.

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How many beloved Warhammer 40,000 units have disappeared from codices since the genesis of the game? We say "Too many!" This episode begins our recurring segment which explores these forotten units and tries to bring them to life on the tabletop.  In addition, we discuss some of the hidden gems in old codices and bring you an updated mission from the old Daemonhunters codex.  As usual, we also give you our hobby and gaming progress.  Please try out the mission and units and we shall incorporate your feedback into the rules.


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Masters of the Forge - Episode 012

Haven burns! Inquisitor Steve joins us to talk about his narrative event in London, England in which Haven City is assaulted by the forces of Chaos.  Adam, then describes his own concurrent Haven event which was held at Grimfoe Games in East Greenbush, New York.  After that, we preview the topic for Episode 13 by presenting the fluff and some new stats for Guardsman Sly Marbo.


ISLitH Episode Detailing the London Haven Event:


Blog Post Detailing the New York Haven Event:


The Overlords Episode 160


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Masters of the Forge - Episode 011
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Masters of the Forge - Episode 010

We've delved into the Black Library one more time for another show focusing on bringing a novel to life on the tabletop.  This time it's a continuation of the Damnos saga with Spear of Macragge and a re-visit of the Spearhead rules. BIG TIME SPOILER ALERT! Also we have Campaign Talk, and, of course, our weeks.  We had fun reading and discussing this book and we hope you enjoy our discussion about it.

Please download On Your Tabletop: Spear of Macragge

Spear of Macragge on the Black Library site

Nick Kyme's Website


Xorn IV Campaign site post with pics of the battle between the Transcendant C'tan and Stompa

Xorn IV Campaign site post with pics of the battles over the spaceports    

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Masters of the Forge - Episode 009

In this episode, we bring you the lore on the Wolf Brothers, the only known 2nd Founding Chapter descended from the Space Wolves. We also bring you some special rules for running them as loyalists or renegades (or something in between). We also have a short Campaign Talk segment to share along with our weeks. Enjoy!

Wolf Brothers Supplement

Wolf Brothers Heraldry

Wolf Brothers Transfers (letter)

Wolf Brothers Transfers (A4)

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Masters of the Forge - Episode 008

While the topical segment of this episode does feature Star Eagles-related content, with some nemeses created by all three hosts, it should prove interesting. Also, Episode 8 features our first Campaign Talk segment with special guest, Inquisitor Steve.

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Codex: Star Eagles (Draft Final)

The Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge:

Armies on Parade for the first half of the HPC:


The Overlords:


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Masters of the Forge - Episode 007

"Justice without force is powerless.  Force without justice is tyranny." - Blaise Pascal

This episode is all about a Space Marines Chapter created by Adam called the Star Eagles. We also discuss some tips on what to do when developing your own army fluff; for space marines in particular.  Also, of course, we discuss our weeks in the hobby.

Codex: Star Eagles (Draft Final)

I forgot to mention that the great Episode 66 of the Independent Characters was another inspiration for this army.


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