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Masters of the Forge - Episode 004

We're back in the virtual studio to bring you more 40k lore and rules! In a dark future where every resource is precious, the ability to use a small force to cause massive havoc is a valuable tool. This episode details the invisible threats of the 40k universe featuring the Enslavers, Ork Kommandos, and Cultist Infiltrators.

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Masters of the Forge - Episode 003

We're chugging along with real momentum into Episode 3.  We start off the show talking briefly about our excitement for the upcoming edition change, then roll right into discussing our recent hobby progress and the games we've been playing. After talking briefly about our upcoming hobby plans, we roll right into our coverage of the history of the Crimson Sabres and our take on the Chapter as it may exist in the Imperium today apart from their Chaos contemporaries, the Crimson Slaughter.

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