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Masters of the Forge | Warhammer 40k Narrative Play Podcast | Radio

Masters of the Forge brings the universe of Warhammer 40,000 to life on your tabletop.

Jun 23, 2015

There is little more important to formulating an in-depth narrative for your games than the nature of your army’s objectives. Narrative Objectives break from the usual 6 Mysterious Objectives in order to facilitate telling a more specific and compelling story. In this episode, we provide a few ideas for more interesting narrative Objectives and, hopefully, plant the seeds for ideas of your own. We also take a look at a listener's army background.

00:00:00-00:27:50 - Intro 
00:27:50-00:49:28 - Objectives on the Battlefields of the 41st Millennium
00:49:28-01:10:45 - On Your Tabletop: Narrative Objectives
01:10:45-01:21:35 - Craftworld Lugganath
01:21:35-01:25:37 - Outtro

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