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Masters of the Forge brings the universe of Warhammer 40,000 to life on your tabletop.

Jun 10, 2015

Follow Commissar Yarrick and Canoness Setheno down a rabbit hole of heresy in the second half of our coverage of Yarrick: Imperial Creed by David Annandale. Two and a half hours of coverage means there's just one topic this fortnight, but we return next time with a potpourri of subjects.

00:00:00-00:40:24 - Intro
00:15:00-01:05:30 - The Siege of Tolosa
01:05:30-01:46:53 - Phyrric Victories
01:46:53-02:17:43 - You are His Hand
02:17:43-02:29:30 - Outtro

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