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Masters of the Forge - Episode 008

While the topical segment of this episode does feature Star Eagles-related content, with some nemeses created by all three hosts, it should prove interesting. Also, Episode 8 features our first Campaign Talk segment with special guest, Inquisitor Steve.

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Codex: Star Eagles (Draft Final)

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Masters of the Forge - Episode 007

"Justice without force is powerless.  Force without justice is tyranny." - Blaise Pascal

This episode is all about a Space Marines Chapter created by Adam called the Star Eagles. We also discuss some tips on what to do when developing your own army fluff; for space marines in particular.  Also, of course, we discuss our weeks in the hobby.

Codex: Star Eagles (Draft Final)

I forgot to mention that the great Episode 66 of the Independent Characters was another inspiration for this army.


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